My plan for this blog!

I have had this blog for quite a number of years now but never properly used it. I have transferred across some match reports that I have written from a different blog and it has a few session plans and my general thoughts about football coaching. Going forward I am going to try and put forward my views on all the football matches that I watch, that may not happen for each World Cup game as I don’t think I really have that much time. I will start with some of those games those and general opinion on the players and games, this will come more from a coaching point of view.

I also plan to post more session plans and explain what needed to be adapted when the session took place, for example when less players turn up than you expect to a session. Sometimes this is more difficult to deal with depending on the session type. So that is something that I will look to press on with this blog as well, but this will probably start more over the next few months for new sessions. Every now and then might just post some of my favourites as a coach we all have our favourites.

Then when the 2014/15 league season kicks off expect both match reports on Newcastle and Sunderland as I attend games for both of these teams. May even try to get to some of the lower league teams matches if time allows this to happen!

Looking forward to the challenge of really getting into this blog!


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