We are Premier League!!!

Monday night saw Sheffield United come to St James Park for a 7:45pm kick off on Easter Monday . . . but promotion was already clinched at about 7pm thanks to a boring goal less draw between Forest and Cardiff. Which I watched with many other Toon fans in Shearer’s Bar. When the final whistle went everyone cheered and chants of “we are premier league” started as everyone began to pile out into the street. The promotion party had well and truly started before we even kicked a ball.

But it wasnt all to be so easy for the 10’s of thousand Geordies packed into St James Park. Sheffield United wanted to spoil the party and they certainly did when they went a goal up! Don’t count us out though, no one has beaten us at home this season. Lovenkrands put away a penalty not long before the half time whistle went.

It took a brilliant volley from Kevin Nolan to secure the win and three points, we might as well go up as champions right? Why not Fizzy Pop League winners 2010!!!

The players assembled in the centre circle to applaud the crowd for their support over the season . . . if I remember rightly about 10,000 of those inside the stadium on Monday night it was the first game they had been too. Football fans really are fickle. I really dislike championship football, but have only missed a couple of games this season due to work.

Premiership 2010/11 is already paid for lets just see how it all goes. We need to bring in players especially a good proven premiership centre forward. But lets enjoy this we are back where we belong moment, as we could end up straight back in the fizzy pop league.

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