Health: Child/Teen Obesity

Last week it was announced that the child and teen obesity rates had grown by an alarming amount, around the world. No longer just in one place but it is a huge issue that is now well and truly out of control.

In the UK alone one in every 10 young people aged five to 19, is obese – that is not overweight or fat but obese. This is absolutely terrible and something that has been pretty easy to see happening over the past ten years. Jamie Oliver tried his very best to improve the school meals and this is something that has been pretty successful really, but then the whole exercise part should have been address at the same time. The PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools is something the Government has brought in, but is it too late?

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Running: Great North Run 2017

In the build up to this years Great North Run and my 7th year taking part I have been doing a lot of running. Not as consistent as I would like but it is tricky to fit in at times with working hours etc. But I guess I really did not realise how much this was going to play a part on the day until I was actually running.

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North East Coach

On the Tyne & Wear Sport website, I have just come across a link to sign up as a coach. You put all of your information into your profile and organisations/employers can then contact you and/or you are made aware of coaching opportunities.

I wish I had come across this sooner!

I am now all signed up, let’s just hope that I can get some sessions out of it all.

North East Coach – Tyne & Wear

Henderson and Carroll doing the North East Proud!

It’s been a long time since Newcastle and Sunderland both had player’s in the England squad let alone team. But that changed this week when Andy Carroll and Jordan Henderson both were called up to the full squad for the first time. They have both represented their country at youth levels and have had brilliant starts to the premiership season being key players for their respected hometown clubs.

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