125 Days of Running!

I love running and over the past 10.5 years have become truly obsessed with it, especially going for the World Marathon Majors and having that as the big ultimate goal. Obviously I was supposed to do the Tokyo Marathon back in February and that was the first to fall to the coronavirus with only six days before the race that it was cancelled to none elite runners (and three days before I was due to fly).

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Running: Chicago Marathon 2019

Chicago Marathon 2019

Everything from the expo, to the start line, during the race and the finish line!

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R.E.D January 2018!


This was a truly fantastic challenge which pushed me to the limits both physically and psychologically. The challenge was to run every single day in January, the limits were not set but I did give myself them.

I had to run at least 1 mile each day, mainly due to time restrictions so that I could get the miles in basically. I had intended to use the days where I ran one or two miles as recovery runs but that was not the case and I ended up running them rather quickly instead!

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Running: Great North Run 2017

In the build up to this years Great North Run and my 7th year taking part I have been doing a lot of running. Not as consistent as I would like but it is tricky to fit in at times with working hours etc. But I guess I really did not realise how much this was going to play a part on the day until I was actually running.

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England 2013/14 – Home Kit

When it was announced that England and The FA signed a new deal with Nike, moving away from Umbro after pretty much forever everyone has been waiting to see what the new strips are going to look like. The first to be released is the new home strip.

My initial thoughts about the shirt were that it looks very German. This is something I have read in a few different places as well, it seems as though we keep trying to copy off the German’s at the moment whether it comes to coaching/set up and now it’s the shirt.

Type of boots?

A few things which have happened over the weekend got me thinking about the different type of football boots, or that should be more the different stud type in football boots. Specifically for the different surfaces playing on and that we must remember to educate our players about when to wear them!

Let’s face it we are now in a time when so many different boots are around how are parents of some players who do not have a football background know what they are really buying when their son or daughter say they want a certain coloured boot because they have seen their favorite player wearing them on the TV?

Don’t get me wrong I am not having a go at all the different colours and styles available now, as I love getting new boots and have so many pairs in all different colours. I love them! But I also know that you must have a pair with metal studs in for when the ground is very soft due to rain the more winter months. I have always been told by my dad that I should have at least two pairs with me when going to play a game. (He’s not happy with the number of pairs of boots I now have, but hey at least I can say he told me I needed to have the different type of studs.)

So over the weekend I had one of the girls wearing metal studded boots when the ground was rock hard, to make it worse she actually had moulded boots left in her bag in the changing rooms. Doh! That was my fault as I really should have checked before they left the changing room, but that highlights my point in having to educate the players in what type of footwear is appropriate and best for the surface they are playing on.

The introduction of more 3G (third generation) pitches across the country is another factor in choosing footwear. Some players wear moulded boots while others prefer to wear football/astro trainers whilst training or playing on the surface. I tend to wear my moulded boots.

So to my fellow coaches out there, what do you think?