Reasons Coaches Should Play FIFA 15

Recently everything has been focused on the release of FIFA 15 and if you work with children/young people then I am sure they have been talking about playing on this new game. That happened with me and I have not really ever properly played FIFA so for a lot of things I had no idea what they were going on about. That combined with doing a course on ‘Coaching Teenage Players’ which we mentioned and focused on technology and again FIFA was mentioned. Both of these factors inspired me to go out and buy the game, to have a go and understand what the kids are playing.

Having now had it and played on it quite a bit (I’m not addicted I promise …) I have decided that from a coaches point of view it could be a good thing and could help you design different and new sessions which link into the game and how the young people will respond to it, don’t forget they are pretty fantastic at playing this game. I am not so much but have tried a lot of the different game play.

So let’s have a think about how this can help engage the new generation who just love playing on these games.

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