R.E.D January 2018!


This was a truly fantastic challenge which pushed me to the limits both physically and psychologically. The challenge was to run every single day in January, the limits were not set but I did give myself them.

I had to run at least 1 mile each day, mainly due to time restrictions so that I could get the miles in basically. I had intended to use the days where I ran one or two miles as recovery runs but that was not the case and I ended up running them rather quickly instead!

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Health: Child/Teen Obesity

Last week it was announced that the child and teen obesity rates had grown by an alarming amount, around the world. No longer just in one place but it is a huge issue that is now well and truly out of control.

In the UK alone one in every 10 young people aged five to 19, is obese – that is not overweight or fat but obese. This is absolutely terrible and something that has been pretty easy to see happening over the past ten years. Jamie Oliver tried his very best to improve the school meals and this is something that has been pretty successful really, but then the whole exercise part should have been address at the same time. The PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools is something the Government has brought in, but is it too late?

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