EOTN Ambassador – Sunderland Half Marathon


Having taken part in my first Sunderland City Half Marathon in 2017 I jumped at the opportunity to apply to become an Ambassador for the race.

That is something hat I was very lucky to have been chosen to do, therefore you will see a lot of Tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts and blog posts with me talking about it and attempting to encourage people to sign up and take part!

It is a very well organised race and you will find yourself with plenty of space when running around Sunderland on event day, so much I felt as though I was just doing a training run but also talking to fellow runners along the way. That was something that I throughly enjoyed about it all.

I will try not to break my toe a few weeks before this time though, as I am sure I could have easily smashed my half marathon PB. I still managed to finish it sub 2:05, but I am determined to do much better with it this year. That is something that I am really looking to push on with, I will be coming off the back of doing two marathons in April so I am hoping the half distance will feel like a breeze after Manchester and London.

I am very excited about taking part in the up and coming events and helping to promote this fantastic race!

Sunday 13th May 2018!!!


Check out the website for more information!



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