R.E.D January 2018!


This was a truly fantastic challenge which pushed me to the limits both physically and psychologically. The challenge was to run every single day in January, the limits were not set but I did give myself them.

I had to run at least 1 mile each day, mainly due to time restrictions so that I could get the miles in basically. I had intended to use the days where I ran one or two miles as recovery runs but that was not the case and I ended up running them rather quickly instead!

Why did I decide to do it? 

Well, I have for some reason signed up to do two marathons within two weeks of each other in April. Manchester and London so I thought this would be a perfect idea to build a great base with plenty of training miles! Also I really struggled last January after putting in a lot of training over Christmas and New Year I slipped on returning to work and only ran 6.2 miles in January 2017. I could not let that happen again this year, so I signed straight up for this!


I have a Just Giving page set up if you would like to donate to the incredible cause which is Mind Charity, helping people with mental illness. JUST GIVING PAGE! 

113 Miles 

Yes, that’s right I hit an incredible milestone and totally smashed any other monthly running goal I had ever hit! Just to put it into perspective my total miles for the whole of 2017 was only 500 miles. This has given me a massive confidence boost that it can be done hitting 100 miles a month, working 6 days a week (almost 50 hours a week) and still get so many training runs in! I will admit thought that over the next couple of months in my marathon training I will be looking forward to the rest days! Not forgetting some of the truly awful conditions thanks to the ice and snow that we had during the month as well, making for some very tricky runs!

It actually didn’t hurt that much! 

I thought my legs would be killing after a couple of weeks, but my muscles felt great and very strong. The only thing that did hurt a little were my feet, which I found quite strange considering my current Mo Farah Nike running trainers are the most comfortable I have ever had!

6am Club! 

I made it so many times over the course of the month and it really does set you up so very well for the day managing to get in anywhere between 1-7 miles before heading to work, plus I was already well on my way for my daily step goals as well.

Different routes/Training methods

To be able to get the miles in every day I was picking different routes and even ran three days whilst in London, which I found very difficult. So well done to all the amazing London-based runners who must do that full-time, it wasn’t even that busy when I was their but it was still so tough with all the people around. I also had to conquer my hate towards running on the Treadmill and even managed to get to my outdoors pace!

Check out a selection of photos I took whilst running or afterwards over the month. I have also included some screenshots of different runs and the end total of 113 miles for the month!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I loved every second of it! I will certainly be taking part in it in 2019!

Now for those two Marathons in April . . .



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