London Marathon 2018


That’s right something totally crazy happened and I somehow got into the London Marathon again via the ballot! After completing my first marathon in 2016 which was London I will be back again for 2018.

Might have been a little bit better if I hadn’t signed up for Manchester a couple of weeks before the ballot results, I therefore have two marathons within 3 weeks! So you are going to see a lot of blog posts about training!


You have to admit that the way London announce the ballot is pretty cool that you recieve a magazine, one of two magazines. One like the photo above where you have a place in the Marathon or a sorry not this year which if you opt to donate your money you also get a top as well.

That is another reason I thought I wouldn’t get a place after being rejected for 2017 and paying the money and getting a top I don’t think I have even worn yet I didn’t pay anything up front this time. I have now since paid and was surprised that it is actually cheap if you manage to get a ballot place £39! Which makes it a lot cheaper than the Great North Run which is sneaking towards £60 for your entry fee.

I am very excited about taking part in London I don’t think I gave it my best shot last night, the nerves and being terrified meant I didn’t do fantastic. But I will be much better prepared this time around and really looking forward to the honour and challenge again.

Read about my 2016 first ever Marathon here.

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