Euro 2016 – England 26 Man Squad

Today the 26 man England squad ahead of the European Championship was named meaning that three of those players will not be making the final squad! Most of the players were more than expected in all honesty.



I actually thought the squad would contain a couple more defenders but I do like the younger feel to this and think it is something to push forward with. All have played regularly in the Premier League this season, let’s hope they can gel together well for the tournament.


This is probably where I started to get rather annoyed with some of the selections in all honesty. Delph and Wilshere have hardly played this season due to injury, but I guess it wouldn’t be an England squad heading to a major tournament without these players. Henderson is another who has been out injured a lot. I don’t rate Lallana at all think he was massively overrated before going to Liverpool and hasn’t done anything to convince me otherwise. Townsend was quite a shock inclusion really, having watched him for Newcastle since January and he has done well with some goals and assists but at times doesn’t look interested. But when was the last time a Newcastle player went to a major tournament? (I know he is only half way their at the moment though).


This season in the Premier League Vardy and Kane have been fantastic, leading the scoring charts and it will be exciting to see if they can take that to an International tournament. Less said about Rooney the better . . . Actually England will play better without him, taken more for his experience than anything else? I personally think the inclusion of Rashford is an absolute joke and runs the risk of very poor player management like Theo Walcott back when he was taken to his first World Cup. If Rashford was at any other club and not Manchester United he would be no where near this squad. If he does end up going I really hope he is managed in the correct way and his development doesn’t suffer as he really has shown good promise in the games he has played in.


While I have not payed a massive amount of attention to the qualifiers I am looking forward to the Euro’s and seeing the England team play at the Stadium of Light a week on Friday!


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