Relegation – Newcastle United


Failing to beat Aston Villa last week backfired for Newcastle as Sunderland went on to beat Everton on Wednesday night. That ended the Premier League run in what has been truly deserved after an awful season! Even with that though it was still very disappointing  to have it hit home on Wednesday that we will be leaving the top flight of English football (again).


It was back in 2009 when Newcastle last suffered relegation but the difference with that time to this time has to be the players who stayed and played in the Championship. That is going to be very different this time. Shocking that a couple of days after relegation was confirmed that Moussa Sissoko has been called up to the France squad for Euro 2016. A player who has been truly shocking nearly all season and some how undroppable gets to go and represent his country in the summer makes it all even worse.

What really went wrong for Newcastle over the season? Well, I guess pretty much everything. Steve McClaren just seemed all wrong and made some awful decisions, but the worst decision had to be from the club for waiting too long to sack him when we were going through a terrible period. Bringing in Rafa Benitez a little bit too late to really have an impact.

It looked as though Rafa had managed to turn a little bit of a corner but it was all too little too late. But for me the real villains in the whole season are the over paid and underperforming players. A squad filled with international players who did not put in any effort in a lot of games and strolled around on the pitch when a performance was really needed. It seems as though that these days the players get away with everything, it is all their fault. To make it worse the “superstars” of the squad will all leave anyway and not even help get the club out of the mess they have got us in.

It is going to be a horrible couple of months to see if we can get any players in who will help with the battle of the Championship. I don’t even think we will come straight back up, as if plenty leave we don’t seem to have any quality coming through and the U21s seem to have massively struggled this season. We haven’t had a player come through the Academy system since the very overrated Rolando Aarons burst onto the scene with a couple of goals and somehow became the best young player ever! (Made his debut in 2014). So I really cannot see what is next for Newcastle United . . . even manager wise as who can really see Rafa wanting to stay in the Championship? At the start of the season he was at Real Madrid!

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