118 Sessions!

118 Session Plans

The session plans were all used over two seasons of working with the Under 11 age group. Adapted for a smaller number of players if any were not available for training, so please feel free to use and adapt anything you see!

As I am sure a lot of them were sessions I had seen and then changed for the needs of the players 🙂

Workshop – A Head for Talent

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This was the second workshop in a series of four around Talent, specifically designed for The FA Girls Centre of Excellence coaches. This was therefore a mix between Sports Coach UK and The FA staff.

The first workshop focused on ‘What is Talent?’ with plenty of debates around what each person saw as talent and if it was mainly nature or nurture.

This workshop which this blog is going to focus on is “A Head for Talent?” the following aspects were explored on the workshop:

  • The concept of mindset
  • Mindset and your athletes
  • Mindset and the talent environment
  • Mindset in your coaching

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