Things I’ve done since the London Marathon!

Since the truly incredible experience of completing my first ever Marathon I have since done quite a lot of run related things!

  • New Running Trainers!

The first was to buy some new running trainers, as mine had clocked up a lovely 311 miles (just in running, not counting the many walking miles on cool downs home). So I had been looking at the Adidas Boost collection and instead of forking out £130 and not being sure, I decided to head to an Adidas outlet and lucky enough they had some in and I got a pair at a bargain price of £35 which I thought was perfect to test out and then look to get some more in the future!


  • Great North 10k – Gateshead


Now this is a race I have looked at doing for the past few years but I have always ended up being away the weekend it is on! But luckily not this time and I will be taking part on Sunday 3rd July!

  • Leadership in Running Fitness 

I have signed up to do this coaching course which is the first steps on the ladder when it comes to outdoor running, something I have thought about for quite a while now but really decided to go for it and do the course. Which is later this month, I will update with another blog post. Here is the information on England Athletics website “The course will enable you to deliver fun and safe sessions to multi-ability groups and give advice and support to the new runner, as well as developing pathways for those who want to progress. It focuses on understanding and overcoming barriers to participation in running and how to increase participation by those not traditionally attracted to a running club”

  • Virtual Running – Medals

I have entered into three Virtual Running competitions and how these work is that you complete the challenge either on the day/week/month that is specified to then get some bling aka a cool special medal! If you love running in races and mainly do it for the medal then this is a great idea to spice up you’re training. That is something I decided to eventually sign up for. Costing £12 per challenge, £10 and then a £2 fee all easily paid via Paypal! Virtual Runner UK – each month so many to choose from.


This is the first one I am getting ready to take part in next month and to pick up this very cool Toy Story style bling you have to complete the distance you have selected to get your medal any time in June. I have selected to do 10k for this one, but you can do 1 mile, 5k, 10k or a half marathon. You don’t have to run though you can walk the distance as well. To then prove you have done it you send in your information from your watch or app that you use to track! I certainly think this is going to be something I look to do on a regular basis. I have already signed up for two in November!

  • Post Marathon Run – 3.2 miles


On Tuesday I eventually managed to get out for my first run after the marathon and decided on the 3.2 miles in memory of David who sadly died whilst completing the marathon. It turned out to be a very tough run as my legs were a lot heavy than I expected them to be (it was my first day back at work after 11 days off as well). It was pretty windy and a slower pace than I would usually run that kind of distance but it was a chance to test out my body, legs and new trainers. The latter I felt I actually had fastened too tight but that is something I can therefore change on my next run!

  • Run Eat Sleep – South Shields 5k Race! 

This is a Friday night 5k run on what is going to be a very flat run in a good location. I thought it was a great idea to enter this and start doing some smaller races instead of just doing the half marathon and now full marathon distances as a race. More information here.


Anything else you think I should be doing in my running? 


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