Spanish Super Cup: Barca 3(5) – 2(4) Real

The second leg of the Spanish Super Cup was always going to be more on edge than the first leg which took place on Sunday night. This game saw a red card for Marcelo in the last few minutes with a tackle on Cesc Fabregas, causing a brawl to break out. David Villa and Ozil were also shown red cards due to their part in the brawl, baring in mind both players had already been subbed off the pitch. The only player who can keep his dignity after that is Brazilian Kaka who calming stood back and let them all go at it, brilliant to see!

Before this outbreak in injury time, we did have a very good game of football. I thought the first leg was slightly better but this was still a good game. Real Madrid really come flying out of the blocks and had a chance to score after 40 seconds of the game. The possession of the game was pretty even throughout, which shows a significant improvement for Real, managing to keep the ball better from Barca. As previous games between the two have seen Barca dominate.

Iniesta put Barca in front but it did not take Real long to pull it back to a draw when Ronaldo or Sergio Ramos got on the end of free kick (quite difficult to tell who got the final touch). With not long to go until half time the little magician who had been pretty quite popped up and gave Barca the lead after a back heel from Gerard Pique inside the box.

Real Madrid managed to get an equalizer with about 10 minutes to go which meant extra time was looking very likely. If you can manage to get a corner against Barca, that has to be a brilliant chance to score. They always look very vulnerable from the set piece, let’s face it their players are not the best in the air. This worked in Real Madrid’s favour when no one attempt to clear the ball and Benzema eventually put in the back of the net.

But never count anything out in this game and in the 87th minute, I bet you can guess who popped up to seal the win. Yes that’s right Messi, with some great 1 touch football Cesc Fabregas getting involved in the move and Adriano and Messi having an incredible one-two with each other.

This was the 2nd El Clasico of very many to come this season and the teams are looking closer than ever. That can only be good for the games we have to look forward to as the season goes on!

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