Passing – Teamwork

For an interview for a coaching job last week I had to make sure the topic of the session related to employment. I decided to go for Passing and relate it to Teamwork and Communication skills. All of these are very important in the work place as well as on the football pitch.

I tried to keep the session as simple as possible, splitting the group into 3 teams from the very start. Each team is given a ball and have to make as many passes as possible using all of the space.

Then gave them a challenge of beating the number of passes the other team can make. See who can get the most, whilst keeping good quality and using the entire area (to stop a static triangle occurring).

The progression to this was very simple with the aim now being passing in each of the four corners in order to get a point. Each team still had a ball each and had to be the fastest at getting to all four corners – another option would be to see who can get into the most corners in a set period of time.

The final progression was to have one team defending whilst the other two teams continued to score points in the corners. This is timed to ensure each team has the same amount of time to score points. If the defending team touches the ball they get a point themselves. Just to help make it more competitive.

Throughout the session and in the debrief I kept relating everything back to the team work and communication factor. Watch out to see how the team mates help each other out (if they do). Without even telling them the teams came up with different tactics and plans of action on how to score the most points, or how they could get the passes in quicker. When trying to score in the four corners watch to see if any of the players anticipate the next pass!

Make sure you have at least 3 players in each team, I had to have one team of 2 and it was very difficult for them!

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