The FA Youth Award – Module 1 & Module 2

The FA Youth Award is still in its first couple of years. With three different modules making up the Youth Award, if you decide to then be accessed for it. In March and June/July of this year I started the Youth Award by taking the module 1 and module 2 parts of the course.

The format of the courses are so different from anything that the FA has done before. They are very interactive and involve a lot of debates about the world of football coaching. I was lucky and had fantastic people on both of the courses, a lot of the people on module two had been on the same module one course as well. Which I think made it an even better experience, due to everyone being comfortable with each other before the course even started.

Both courses overlap as we go back to things discussed and learnt from module 1 on the module 2 course. As it’s all about building up the sessions and different ways you can do topics which you have probably coached for years. Also trying to move everyone away from the “stop, stand still” method. The focus being more on the players, whether that be as the whole group or individually.

Another brilliant part of these courses has to be that you are involved in coaching sessions from the very start, whether it be in groups or in two’s. You get to design and put on your own sessions, from the very first day. I think this is fantastic because of the different people on your courses you can pick up so much on different ways to run different sessions.

The course tutors are brilliant as well, as they put on loads of different variations and show you different ways to do things. With all of the focus being on the players involvement, learning and enjoyment.

Youth Module 1 Session – Space Recognition

  • Add ‘blockers’ to make it more difficult to turn through the gates
  • Each inside player is marked by a blocker (or use a blocker to make it more difficult for a player who finds it too easy)
  • Play 2v1 in the middle to get away from the blockers
That’s just an example of one of the sessions and topics looked at on the module 1 course. It is something which can be progressed and changed in as many different ways as you feel necessary and allows you to use it with players of all different ages and abilities. You can even adapt it to fit the needs of one or two players, if they are either finding it too difficult or too easy. You can help them all progress at their own speeds.
I am very much looking forward to completing the Module 3 part of the Youth Award!
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