Month: July 2011

  • #LoveForSirBobby 2 years on

    Today is 2 years since Sir Bobby Robson passed away and he will never be forgotten. Yesterday on Twitter everyone started to change their avatars to a picture of Sir Bobby. I done the same, and have been watching the DVDs I have of him and videos on YouTube. He was a brilliant man, a […]


  • Passing – Teamwork

    For an interview for a coaching job last week I had to make sure the topic of the session related to employment. I decided to go for Passing and relate it to Teamwork and Communication skills. All of these are very important in the work place as well as on the football pitch. I tried to […]

  • Types of Practice

    A small part of the FA Youth Module 2 takes a look at the types of practice used in football sessions. It also asks a question about saving the more game like practice until the end. Why do we have to wait until the very end of the session to start playing a more match […]

  • The Coaching Pathway

    The coaching pathway has so many different options and strands now to help coaches really focus on what type of coaching interests them the most. Really specialising in the areas they feel they know the best. If you are new to coaching this who model of the pathways in coaching might look a little daunting, […]

  • The FA Youth Award – Module 1 & Module 2

    The FA Youth Award is still in its first couple of years. With three different modules making up the Youth Award, if you decide to then be accessed for it. In March and June/July of this year I started the Youth Award by taking the module 1 and module 2 parts of the course. The […]