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On the Tyne & Wear Sport website, I have just come across a link to sign up as a coach. You put all of your information into your profile and organisations/employers can then contact you and/or you are made aware of coaching opportunities.

I wish I had come across this sooner!

I am now all signed up, let’s just hope that I can get some sessions out of it all.

North East Coach – Tyne & Wear

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2 responses to “North East Coach”

  1. Don’t worry, you haven’t been missing out, we only launched in December. But it is a great resource for coaches. Not just coaching opportunities, but also qualifications and training opportunities, latest news and other resources. We’re still improving it, so hope it’s useful for you.


    1. Glad I haven’t missed out on anything then. Looks like it could be a very good way to get coaching sessions.


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