Why Sunderland beating Chelsea is great for football!

Sunderland went to Stamford Bridge yesterday with everything against them, no team had even scored at there this season, the last two games they played seen them conceded 13 goals, no one gave them a chance. Even die-hard Sunderland fans would have just hoped for a draw and taken it before the game kicked off. But as soon as the game kicked off it was all Sunderland, yes that’s right they really did take it to Chelsea and continued to do so throughout the game. I even have to give credit to Steve Bruce for actually having a positive approach to a game for a change, he’s usually so negative its unreal! But fair play to the team he set out yesterday, it worked very well for them.

I love football more than anything and to see the underdogs win is always a brilliant thing. Makes for a very exciting match. As it has often been said “funny old game” you can never 100% predict someone to win. The best examples of that have to be The FA Cup over the years, the underdogs winning and upsetting the big boys.

Not only did we see Sunderland score 3 goals we also saw some unbelievable dancing! Well Gyan seems to love a little dance after scoring a goal, but yesterday his team mates joined in and Bolo Zenden who looked like an embarrassing dad at a disco joined in too. This has immediately gathered a cult following, it is hilarious!

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